Custom Audio for DJs

DJ drops, DJ intros, acapellas and jingles for DJs from Music Radio Creative. Create your DJ audio now or select from existing products and packages.

Create Your Custom DJ Jingles

Custom DJ Jingles

Create your DJ intro, promo or just a name drop. Choose your voice, type in the script and buy online now.

£15.85 BUY NOW

Sung DJ Acapellas

Enhance your mixes with a sung DJ name from any of our talented singers. They are created to a specific BPM so that you can sync them perfectly with your beats.

DJ Packages

Basic DJ Package

Basic DJ Package gives you enough creative audio to start. Stand out from the crowd with these DJ drops and promos.

£69.99 BUY NOW

Complete DJ Package

Complete DJ Package with enough audio to cover majority of your DJ audio needs. Great quality and a fantastic price too!

£85.99 BUY NOW

Downloads for DJs

Download great DJ packages with one click. Great sound at a fraction of the price. All can be customised with your DJ name.