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Christmas Jingles v2


Christmas Jingles Package from Music Radio Creative with a twist! This package contains 7 warm Christmas Jingles PLUS 6 dark humour Christmas Jingles. You have a choice of either British or American voices. You can customise each element in the package with your own message or name - simply contact us for a quote. Featuring voices from Darren, Emma, Lauren, Anna, Chelsea, Duke, Rachael,Ryan and Mike as well as a mixture of sung Christmas jingles. Packages created by our producer Zsolt Bolla.

Special offer - by ordering both voice packages you get the second one half price!

Scripts for each package include the following:

1. May the magic of Christmas bring you happiness and joy!

2. Ho Ho Ho... Merry Christmas!

3. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

4. Dearest Santa.. this year I have been a very good radio station...

5. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

6. Dreaming of a White Christmas with your favourite station...

7. Santa Claus, his little helpers, snow, reindeers and your favourite station... The Festive season is on!

8. Ho Ho Ho...... Hasn't Santa ever heard of diet soda and the treadmill?

9. If tonight some big fat man kidnaps you and puts you in to a big velvet sack, then please keep calm. There are many radio stations asking Santa for a wonderful listener like you this Christmas... Remember.. Keep calm and Merry Christmas, dear.

10. Keep your holiday spirit safe... drink responsibly!

11. Mummy, Daddy... Is it legal for an obese man to ride on reindeers? Ho Ho Ho... Merry Christmas!

12. Here's hoping that Santa doesn't get lost using Apple Maps this Christmas!

13. Here's to holiday spirit, festive season... and hoping you still fit in to your clothes when it is all over!

Christmas jingles - British voices

Christmas jingles - american voices

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